Screenshots for final project

Screenshots for final project



8 thoughts on “Screenshots for final project

  1. I love the simplicity and colors of your designs. It seems like your model will be easy to independently follow. The only suggestion I have is to move your boxes (the blue one one page 2, and the red one on page 4), down a little bit so it isn’t overlapping with the title. Otherwise, I think it looks perfect! I like that you have words while you hover over a link. I also like that the color stands out when the person is on that page. Very nice!!

  2. I like how simple and informative this is. I do have a question about the FAQ page. When the user clicks on a questions, does the question and answer pop up in a separate window or do they need to click on the back button if they want to return to the FAQ page? Also, can they get to the main menu from here? My guess is that this will be sent to selected users and that the goal or purpose will already be known? The Why question also would answer this but I’m wondering why one would open the file? As a JMU employee, I’m sure that I will be informed about this soon. 🙂

    • When you open a FAQ question it will open as a layer on top of the current screen. There is a close button in the bottom right hand corner that will close that layer and get you back to the FAQ home page. From the FAQ home page there is a button that takes them back to the main menu.

      This system will be used primarily by those who come into contact with private personal information such as SS#’s or Credit Card numbers. It will search your computer/emails to make sure that you do not have any of that information on your computer.

  3. Looking really good! I like the colors. I was a little confused with the boxes that went with the circles. The page with the red circle and the box that overlapped the circle was the clearest to me…because they overlapped. But I like how the colored circles coordinate throughout the presentation. Don’t forget to add a “home” button and a button that will take the learner back to the beginning of each section.

  4. As your classmates have suggested, this is an excellent project. It has a clean, easy to navigate design. The primary colors on black are very good looking. Having the demo would be an added bonus so I hope you get approval. You’ve taken a fairly complex topic and made it accessible to users, some of whom may not be tech savvy.

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