Module II What similarities and differences do you notice in the various models? Which model seems to make the most sense to you? Why?

I felt that all 3 of the models had room for improvement but the one that I was most engaged with was the final Connect Model ( it combined much of what the other two models included.

The absorb model just gave me content, albeit with no introduction, but I had not chance to put what I knew into practice or to test myself.

The do model solved the problem of keeping me engaged by allowing me to interact with the training but it did so at the expense of including any content. I had no knowledge in which to participate in the activities.

The connect model was my favorite of the three. It provided me with an introduction of sorts and included content that I could absorb as well as an interactive section. I would have liked to see a different layout order though. The questions came prior to the research tab which did not make sense to me. I also would have liked it to be a little more engaging by perhaps putting the material in a narrative “choose your own adventure” type story.